Here We Are
Difficulty: Intermediate / Version: 1



         F                        Bb
Here we are lifting our hands to you
         Gm     C7                 Fsus    F
Here we are, giving you thanks for all you do
         F                           Bb
As we praise, and worship your holy name
         Gm     C7                 F Fsus F
You are here, dwelling within our praise


                      Bb  C
For every answered prayer
                   F Fsus F
For always being there
                        Bbsus  Bb C
For love that hears us when we call
                       Fsus    F   C/E
For arms that lift us when we fall
     A               Dm            F/C
Oh you have always been, right beside us
            Bb           Bbm
Leading us all along the way
And we made it through (we made it through)
   C7sus    C7
Because of you

Repeat chorus

[Verse 2]

For days we cannot see (for days we cannot see)
For all that yet to be (so much is yet to be)
The trials we may have to face
When we'll be leaning on your grace
It will be your strength, that safe's us
Your love that makes us strong
And through it all (through it all)
We'll sing this song

Repeat chorus: CHANGE KEY TO G
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