Lift You High
Difficulty: Novice / Version: 1
Lift You High
 Planetshakers (Joth Hunt)
   Key: D

 Once again a truly wonderful song by Planetshakers. This can be found on the 'One' album.

Piano riff: D  C#  B  A  F#    D  
 B  A  F#  E (x2)

 If You are singing, listen carefully to the piano riff (Above) as it replicates exactly 
you sing for the verse.

Intro (Chords):  Bm  G   D       Bm   G   

Verse 1:
Bm      G        D
Who can save the lost
Bm      G        D    A
Who can heal all sick-ness
Bm      G       D
Who can make me new
Bm     G        D   A
No one else but Jes-us

        G        A
There s no other name
        G        A
There s no other name

            D     G               A
We lift You high, higher than all others
            Bm    G               A
We lift You high, higher than all else
    Bm                G    D         A
For great are You Lord and worthy of all the
Bm        G          A
Glory and honor and praise

Verse 2:
Who can make me whole
Who can take all my sin
Who can cleanse this heart
No one else but Jesus

    Bm     G        D       A
You are my God, The Great I am
        Bm      G       D       A
And You are the rock on which I stand
        Bm    G    D       A
And You reign, You reign o Lord
    Bm   G     A
You reign, You reign

Structure (Planetshakers structure)
Verse 1
Verse 2
Pre-Chorus (x2)
Bridge (x2)
Bridge (x3) (Note: Drums only on 1st repeat)

 This song carries a lot of power and you just gotta sing out and loud and trust God. He 
take care of the rest. This song is an amazing song to sing during worship. The 
are also great in this song.
 Keep on going in your ministry!!
 God bless
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