All of my days
Difficulty: Novice / Version: 1
All of My Days 

Verse 1:
     E                 Esus
Proclaim Your awesome power
  E    Esus  E      Esus   E    Esus
Tell of mighty deeds
    E                Esus  
Declare Your future Kingdom
E   Esus          E    Esus
   Of everlasting peace

            A2                       E/Ab  B
And my eyes they look unto You always
         A2                          E/Ab    B
And I am captured by Your Majesty 

E/Ab       A2
All of my days
          C#m7             B
I will sing of Your greatness
E/Ab       A2
All of my days
           C#m7            B
I will speak of Your grace
E         B/Eb
All of my days
       A/C#          Ab7      A
I will tell of Your wondrous love
Your love in my life
A2        B
Your love

Verse 2:
All Your works will praise You
Your children bless Your name
We speak of all Your goodness
We walk in fields of grace
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